Through the advancement of technology, the world is progressing nonstop. Each day we strive to do innovations to improve our ways of living. The advancement of technology makes our lives much easier. We can see it through our mode of transportation and as well as our means of communication. We continue to search for the optimum and with that the world was also able to discover ways to make payment methods to be more convenient. The idea of turning material objects into virtual gave birth to these so called “Cryptocurrencies“. It is a digital money which was given value by people who believe that this will be the next big thing in human history. The adaptation of using cryptocurrency in our daily lives is indeed inevitable.

$CFF is a cryptocurrency which is built inlined with the food industry. $CFF token allows people to purchase food from food establishments like restaurants, cafeterias, fast foods and any food-related businesses out there by using this cryptocurrency as a form of payment and as well as a means to earn rewards and discounts at food establishments.

The utility does not stop there! We are also developing an Application in Google Play store and App Store whereby people could also use $CFF tokens to order food like UBER EATS or SKIP THE DISHES anytime and anywhere around the world but using crypto. How convenient is that?

We believe that Crypto For Food ($CFF) can provide innovation in the food industry and improve it as well. This is also very helpful for people who travel, now they don’t need to carry the country’s native currency, they can simply use our app to order food anywhere they are. This will allow more people to discover and adapt the usage of cryptocurrency, giving a spotlight to its importance in our daily lives.